Code of Conduct

Volunteer Code of Conduct

The Volunteer Code of Conduct (Code) is a statement of behavioural principles, expectations and ideals. It reflects how SAMAA volunteers respect and treat the elderly as well as their fellow colleagues. The Code is intended to motivate and assert values to which we can aspire.

It is a vision which aims to both explain the commitment of experienced members and to guide the induction of new Volunteers.

As SAMAA Volunteers we expect:


  • follow our duty of care to our elderly and ourselves
  • follow all procedures to the best of our ability at all times
  • report any injury, sickness amongst our elderly to the appropriate people
  • recognise and congratulate those members who are dedicated in their duty and follow safe and caring practices


  • respect the cultures, beliefs, opinions and decisions of our elderly although we may not always agree
  • treat them with courtesy, sensitivity, tact, consideration and humility
  • respect the Laws of Australia and values of Islam and maintain a fine balance between the two


  • value the trust we have in each other
  • seek to understand and appreciate each other’s abilities by working together and providing support
  • honour the confidentiality people place in us


  • endeavour to balance organisational and individual needs
  • give honest, constructive feedback and value the input of others
  • treat each other fairly

Honesty and Truthfulness

  • are truthful with our elderly, colleagues and ourselves
  • admit when we are wrong and accept responsibility for our actions
  • express our views and make suggestions to improve on volunteering practices


  • foster an environment of well being, happiness, health and prosperity
  • take care of, respect and support our elderly and each other


  • demonstrate commitment to the goals of the organisation
  • support, be faithful to and honour the integrity of the organisation and its positions

Self Discipline

  • exercise self control in managing stress, anger and our behaviour
  • believe in doing a job the right way and with appropriate enthusiasm


  • Try to communicate with our elderly effectively
  • practice effective listening
  • seek advice whenever appropriate


  • acknowledge that commitment comes from within
  • do as much as we are able without detriment to ourselves or our families
  • take pride in our actions and tasks being undertaken

Equity and Diversity

  • treat all people as unique individuals and value their beliefs, opinions, knowledge and experiences
  • use appropriate language that will not offend others
  • value others irrespective of their sect, colour, age, gender or creed

All above are to be incorporated with Islamic values and beliefs. We seek the return of our work from Allah SWT in the life hereafter.