Voluntary services :

a) Providing home help to the aged and infirm. This may include cook food for them, do necessary cleaning and washing.

b) Alleviate loneliness through regular visits by the volunteers and spending time with them.

c) Transport to attend Friday prayers and social events. This helps many of our elderly in enjoying some social life as they are unable to mix in mainstream society due to language, religious and cultural barriers.

d) Transport to doctors, help them in day to day shopping.

Arranging Culturally Appropriate Care:

a) Negotiating placement of our elderly in Nursing homes which can cater for cultural and religious specific needs of Muslim elderly.

b) Negotiating home care services through various agencies and service providers with special consideration of cultural and religious specific needs of Muslim elderly.

Gatherings and Entertainment for Elderly:

SAMAA organizes regular gatherings, information sessions and picnics for the elderly. Currently it aims to organize at least two cultural evenings which may include sub-continental music, poetry and other entertainment. On such occasions, informative talks are arranged by aged care specialists from various aged care agencies and professionals such as university professors, doctors, nurses and other experts in the field.

Each year SAMAA organizes the annual event which is attended by government officials, community leaders and families of the elderly.

Special Needs Services:

SAMAA extends its benevolent services to younger people with disabilities and families subjected to domestic violence with their day to day needs such as transport, shopping and other domestic help.