Aims and Objectives

SAMAA’s main objectives are:

a) Providing home help to the aged and infirm.

b) Alleviate loneliness, as many of our elderly are unable to mix in society due to language, religious and cultural barriers.

c) Coordination with relevant aged care agencies and service providers to provide culturally appropriate care to our elderly.

d) Provide ancillary services such as arranging get togethers, information sessions  and other voluntary services for the elderly.

e) Long term objective of South Asian Muslim Association of Australia (SAMAA) is to build an Aged Persons Hostel to provide culturally appropriate care to South Asian elderly. Our hostel/s will provide relief of needs arising from old age, sickness or incapacity, loneliness. The hostel will run appropriate programmes for the elderly and will include a high care facility.

We request all Muslim elderly of Subcontinent origin to join SAMAA by filling out the registration form and inform us about their specific needs.

We need volunteers in various areas of Sydney to provide the services mentioned above.  We request all brothers/sisters who can spare some time to offer their services and register themselves as volunteers.

SAMAA has now introduced the system of paid volunteers where volunteers can be paid for the work they do or for the personal expenses they incur in serving the elderly.

To deliver its benevolent services, SAMAA engages in fund raising through public appeals and accepts donations from individuals, businesses, organisations and corporations. SAMAA has set up two funds:

i) Benevolent Service Fund: This will fund the voluntary services offered by SAMAA to its elderly.

ii) Elderly Home Fund: This fund will be utilized to build our own aged care facilities.

Future Plan

In the long run SAMAA aims to establish its own aged care facilities such as a nursing home and a retirement village. These will be built by raising funds through appeals and government grants. Our services will cater for cultural and religious specific needs of our elderly.